Thursday, March 12, 2015

What We've Been Up To...

Home- Wallpaper Removal.
The "Man Booth"
Springtime in My Booth

Monday, January 26, 2015


Remember my plan to simplify in 2015? Well we have really made the effort to make this happen. As of the beginning of January I gave up my kiosk space by Ellie's Diner in The Depot to Wendy and Cindy. They have joined forces and the outcome is already amazing.
Above is what the space looked like while I still occupied it.
And here is the new, fresh look they have pulled together. Yesterday we packed up what I had left at BeadLush in Charlotte. Wendy took great care of our space so the pictures show a beautiful booth. And the transformation has begun.
I already love what Wendy has done with her new spot on the stage. Just follow her on the Southern Comforts FaceBook page to see the progress. I'm very happy that my decision to make my life a little less complicated has given them the opportunity to spread their wings. And, hopefully, I will find more time to create and grow within my booths at The Depot. Happy Monday Everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's a New Year

I am so glad that it is 2015. 2014 was such a chaotic year with so many things happening. My plan for 2015 is to SIMPLIFY. I've given this blog a fresh look and I plan to keep up with it much better than last year. As a beginning to simplify I have given up one of my kiosk spaces in The Depot. The really wonderful thing about it is that Cindy and Wendy will be doing this space together. It is already taking shape and looks so beautiful and full of life. It is no longer neglected. I am also giving up the space I have been sharing with Wendy at Beadlush in Charlotte. It was so difficult for me to get there and I depended on Wendy too much. She will continue this endeavor without me and do her usual fabulous job. We continue to get our home ready for living and for our business. The basement will be ready soon for Chet to move in and start to organize. We plan to build a pole barn on our property sometime this year. It will be the beginning of Bargain Basement Antiques being on site at home. And I will keep on sorting and purging all the boxes still in storage. We'll have several yard sales this spring and summer. And some items will go directly into inventory. There is just too much to keep. I'm ready and anxious for all of this to happen but it is a long and slow process. But at least it is in process. Happy New Year Everyone!